ETM Overseers

Apostle Beatrice M. Sims

Apostle Beatrice M.Sims is the Pastor and co-founder of Riverside Faith Temple Ministries in Riverside, California. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Religious Education and Human Behavior from the University of La Verne.

"Pastor Bea, " as she is affectionately known to Faith Temple members, loves people and is a very animated teacher. She has preached, taught, and prophesied in most of these United States. In addition she has ministered both in Africa and Mexico. A gifted and exciting prophet, teacher, her ministry will thrill the mind and touch the spirit. Apostle Sims is a "Pastor of Pastors" and is ever ready to pass on the tremendous wisdom she has gained throughout her life and ministry. She was ordained as an Apostle in January, 2007. Her goal is abundant life in the lives of God's people.

Dr. Beatrice M. Sims Apostle, Overseer