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Some advantages to church Pastors are:.

1. Ordination and licensing.
2. Fellowship with others of "like precious faith."
3. Training in all area of ministry. You will often receive Pastoral tapes on various subjects.
4. Spiritual and emotional covering by Apostolic authority.
5. Provide spiritual Government, Direction and Assistance.
6. TEAM Effort in ministry. Apostle Sims will know the strengths and weaknesses of each pastor and church and you will become part of a greater community. Your strengths will help others as theirs will help you.
7. Prayer Support: Pastors and leaders also come together at the Annual E.T.M. Prophetic Conference in January.
Stability is a large factor for people when they are determining where there family is to worship. If a local church demonstrates ties with other churches, it appears to be more stable in the eyes of those looking for a church home.

The advantages to the members are also important. E.T.M. is a tremendous resource of information in areas such as:

a. How to start a children's ministry.
b. What advantages there are in having men's and women's ministries.
c. What can be done to increase participation in the local church.

E.T.M. staff may be requested to come to a local church and assist in area of Apostolic Preaching and Teaching, Conferences, Seminars, Revivals, Outreach Events and Training, Prophetic Activation, Release and Training, Dance/Praise and Worship Workshops, Leadership Training, Counseling, Deliverance, Healing, Hospitality, Armourbearer Training and Instruction, Church and Administrative order, Financial structure, Christian Education, Music ministry, and Youth ministry.

Are There Officers?

There are no "legal" or "corporate" ties to E.T.M. except where E.T.M. has provided ordination and licensing for Pastors and ministers. In that area our sole authority is to withdraw that ordination or licensing in the case of apostasy or sin in those so ordained or licensed. E.T.M. does not interfere either directly or legally in your local operation, but is available to help in matters that require whatever wisdom or expertise we may have to offer.

What Is The Structure of E.T.M.?

Each local fellowship is an independent body, functioning in, voluntary cooperative effort with other members of E.T.M. The role of E.T.M. is to be a coordinating and supportive body rather than a regulatory one. It is however, the belief of this organization that all Pastors must be ACCOUNTABLE to someone: In Scripture, that individual is an Apostle.

It is expected by Scripture that Pastors and Ministers choosing to be ordained under E.T.M. will submit themselves to proper biblical doctrine. It is further expected that those receiving guidance from E.T.M. will give full credence and attention to advice and counsel from Overseer Beatrice Sims and such ministers as she sees fit to send to you as one who, "watches for your souls."

Are There Financial Responsibilities From Churches to the E.T.M. Parent Organization?

E.T.M. is a component of each member church's overall vision, yet it must be recognized as being as important as any other part.

E.T.M. exists to provide services to its member churches, to assist them in achieving their optimum potential for Kingdom building. Since the level and quality of services are commensurate with the financial support, E.T.M. recommends the following:

A member church may either tithe from the Pastor's salary or from the church's income.
  Associates Annual Fee: If a fellowship wishes to remain under their own denomination they may continue to tithe to that denomination and pay an annual or monthly fee to E.T.M. and thereby receive the same support and counsel as full members.
  Although E.T.M.'s budget may increase from year to year, the number of churches will also increase, and, we hope, your church budget will also. In this manner, we trust that through the working of the Holy Spirit, all our needs will be abundantly met and all ministries will prosper.
  Tithes and offering will go into E.T.M.'s Kingdom fund to support the furtherance of the ministry.

Do I As A Pastor or My Church Have Any Other Responsibilities to E.T.M.?

Apostle Sims needs your input. She expects each Affiliate to keep her informed of the status of their ministry and personal and professional lives. To be an effective covering she must know where you are and what is happening.

Many ministries have fallen simply because someone was too embarrassed to discuss errors or problems with their covering. Apostle Sims cannot be effective if you fail to seek assistance for growing problems or concerns.

How Does A Person Or Ministry Become A Member of E.T.M.?

Request a membership application from:

  End-Times Ministries International
2355 Pennsylvania Avenue
Riverside, California 92507
  If you have questions or require additional information, you may contact:

End-Times Ministries International
(951) 788-0170